SEO by Calvin

I offer affordable proof-reading services, editing and Search Engine Optimization for WordPress users.  I use Wordpress for the homepage of my brand.  I have been using WordPress for almost ten years now and have become fluent in it's search engine optimization functionality.  Let me be your Search Engine Optimizer for your business or home page, proofread/edit your book, and/or give you general advice for overall content creation.  I have been a content creator since 2014.

Chess player/teacher for over two decades

Chess Lessons to Beginners and Novice Players

I am also available for online chess lessons.  I use Skype and charge $20/hour.  No, I do not have the National Master title, but I can assure you that I have won my fair share of chess tournaments.   I am even available for in-person lessons in case you happen to be in my neck of the woods - Saint Louis, Missouri.  Please send me an email in the contact form below if you are interested.  In-person lessons are $25/hour but more effective and practical.  I also offer discounts if you purchase 5 one hour lessons.  Don't waste your money on a titled player if you are at the novice level in chess.  It's not necessary and they will easily charge you 2x - 3x more than what I charge.

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